Schreyer Honors College/Paterno Fellows

Schreyer Honors College/Paterno Fellows


  1. A traditional thesis on a topic related to French and Francophone Studies (in Culture, Linguistics, or Literature);
  2. The translation of a technical thesis in the primary field;
  3. A meta-thesis of 25–30 pages that reflects on the history and experience of conducting original research in another field and, where applicable, on its relevance to the French-speaking community.
  4. Click here for Honors Thesis Guidelines


The Department of French and Francophone Studies is extremely proud of the academic quality of its majors, approximately fifteen percent of whom are currently in the Schreyer Honors College and over forty percent of whom are concurrent degree students, some with one or more minors as well. The Paterno Liberal Arts Undergraduate Fellows Program, which offers opportunities for excellence entailing both multiple majors and admission to SHC, carries a number of significant responsibilities, as outlined on the College of the Liberal Arts website.

In fulfillment of those responsibilities, Paterno Fellows in French and Francophone Studies are also expected to receive a 3.67 or better in both FR 201 and FR 202. Normally, FFS will vouch for the admission of Paterno Fellows to the Schreyer Honors College at the end of the freshman or sophomore year. Once students have met with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to choose their FFS major option, they will be advised by the SHC faculty advisor in the Department responsible for their primary area of interest (Culture, Linguistics, or Literature). The thesis supervisor, however, can be any tenure-line faculty member in the student’s area of honors.