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Learning Outcomes: French Major

Learning Outcomes: French Major

Students who have completed an undergraduate major in French will:

  • Develop oral skills in French that allow them to communicate efficiently in a range of settings from informal to professional.
  • Develop literacy skills that allow them to both read and write in French. Majors should be able to read and interpret a variety of media, from newspapers to literary texts to formal academic texts.
  • Develop analytical skills in order to improve their understanding of French literary works, cultural phenomena, and linguistic structures.
  • Understand key issues and debates in literary analysis, cultural studies, French intellectual history, language acquisition, and theoretical linguistics.
  • Use their proficiency in the French language and its culture to make pertinent comparisons with their own language and culture and thus demonstrate a critical understanding of the nature and function of both.
  • Participate in immersion opportunities, ideally study abroad or internships, but also departmental and campus-wide events, with the goal of promoting growth in language skills, intercultural understanding, and academic achievement in French and Francophone studies.