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Recent Awards and Prizes

Recent Awards and Prizes

Since 2011, graduate students in the Department of French and Francophone Studies have received numerous internal awards and prizes for research and teaching. These include the

  • Center for Humanities and Information Pre-Doctoral Fellowship (Johann Le Guelte, Katie Ellis, Aaron Witcher)
  • Chateaubriand Fellowship (Elizabeth Tuttle and Carl Cornell)
  • Humanities Institute Residential Fellowship (Elizabeth Tuttle, Andrew Jones, Marie Paillard, Vieux Touré, Morgane Haesen, Timothée Valentin)
  • Africana Research Center (Timothée Valentin, Johann Le Guelte)
  • RGSO (College of the Liberal Arts) Dissertation Support Grants (Johann Le Guelte, Theresa Brock, Cédric Briand, Hélène Huet, Andrew Stafford, Lauren Tilger, Sandra Rousseau, Elizabeth Tuttle, Morgane Haesen, Timotheé Valentin, Eric Disbro, Emma Rossby, Brooke Tybush, Ryan Pilcher)
  • FFS Dissertation Release Award (Denise Rodriguez and Lauren Tilger)
  • FFS Freed Graduate Research Awards (Ryan Pilcher, Katie Ellis, Vieux Touré, Timothée Valentin, Aaron Witcher, Emma Rossby)
  • Alumni Association Dissertation Award (Sophia Khadraoui)
  • College of the Liberal Arts External Funding Incentive Award (Sophia Khadraoui, Emma Rossby, Victoria Boyd Jennings, Morgane Haesen)
  • Denise Haunani Solomon Liberal Arts Outstanding Teaching Award for Graduate Students (Sophia Khadraoui, Ryan Pilcher)
  • Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award (Anna Navrotskaya, Andrew Stafford, Sandra Rousseau, Morgane Haesen, Marie Paillard, Eric Disbro, Emma Rossby)
  • Institute for the Arts and Humanities Graduate Student Residency (Hélène Huet, Sandra Rousseau, Cédric Briand, Ryan Pilcher, Katie Ellis)
  • Center for Humanities and Information Digital Humanities Training Grant (Morgane Haesen, Emma Rossby, Aaron Witcher)
  • Center for Global Studies Career Development Award/Dissertation Support Fellowship (Johann Le Guelte, Cédric Briand, Sandra Rousseau, Sophia Khadraoui, Elizabeth Tuttle, Vieux Touré)
  • Department of French and Francophone Studies Teaching Excellence Award (Laurie Dubois, Taylor O’Connor, JoAnn Michel, Irene Momanyi, Aaron Witcher, Emma Rossby, Katie Ellis, Eric Disbro, Ryan Pilcher, Marie Paillard, Timothée Valentin, Morgane Haesen, Carl Cornell, Johann Le Guelte, Theresa Brock, Anna Navrotskaya, Hélène Huet, Sophia Khadraoui, Sandra Rousseau, Elizabeth Tuttle)
  • Penn State Graduate Student Exhibition (Katie Ellis, Elizabeth Tuttle, Brooke Tybush, Morgane Haesen)
  • WGSS Whitaker Research Award (Katie Ellis, )
  • Liberal Arts Teaching and Research Scholarship (Ryan Pilcher)
  • WGSS Sara Woods Outstanding Graduate Student Award (Eric Disbro)
  • Center & Institute Fellows Award (Eric Disbro – Rock Ethics Institute, Irene Momanyi – Africana Research Center)