Recent Courses

Recent Courses

FR 001: Elementary French I

FR 002: Elementary French II

FR 003: Intermediate French

FR 111/112: Elementary French sequence

FR 137: Global Paris

FR 138N: French Culture through Film

FR 139: France and the French Speaking World

FR 197: Special Topics

FR 201: Oral Communication and Reading Comprehension

FR 202: Grammar and Composition

FR 316: French Linguistics

FR 331: French Culture and Civilization I

FR 332: French Culture and Civilization II

FR 351: Introduction to French Literature I: Selected Works from the Middle Ages to 1789.

FR 352: Introduction to French Literature II: Selected Works from 1789 to the present.

FR 401: Advanced Oral Communication

FR 402Y:  Advanced Grammar and Writing

FR 409: French for the Professions

FR 410: French Press

FR 417: French Phonology

FR 418: French Syntax

FR419: French Semantics

FR 430: Contemporary France

FR 440: Teaching of Romance Languages

FR 445Y: Self and Society in Eighteenth-Century France

FR 452Y: Nineteenth-Century French Literature

FR 453Y: La Belle Epoque: Politics, Society, and Culture in France, 1880-1914

FR 475: Women’s History in Post-Revolutionary France

FR 460: Contemporary French Literature

FR 470: Race and Gender Issues in Literature in French

FR 497A: French and Francophone Theater

FR 497B: French for Global Health