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Dissertations in Progress

Dissertations in Progress

Eric Disbro, “Encountering Queer and Trans* Terraqueous Futures: Gendered Embodiment and Creolizing Kinship in Contemporary Francophone Literatures of the Indian Ocean and Oceania.” (Jean-François and Monicat)

Morgane Haesen, “An Ever-Bleeding Heart: Life Narratives in the Alsace and Lorraine Borderland, 1871-1926.” (Silverman)

Marie Paillard, “Creolizing Explorations: Trajectories, Relation, and Decentering Imaginaries in Francophone Caribbean and Indian Ocean Fictions.” (Jean-François)

Ryan Pilcher, “Sensible Bodies: Sentimentalism and Science in the Nineteenth Century” (Monicat)

Vieux Touré, “Identity politics in Francophone African Literature in the 20th and 21st centuries” (Jean-François and Baderoon).

Timothée Valentin, “The Indigenous People Rise Up’: Slavery’s influence upon the socialism and Informal Politics on Guadeloupe, 1891-1914.” (Boittin)

Aaron Witcher, ““Marooning Ecologies: Ontological and Epistemological Lines of Flight in Francophone Literatures and Arts.” (Jean-François)