Kabulis (Ph.D. ’99) receives Law Degree from Rutgers

Kabulis (Ph.D. ’99) receives Law Degree from Rutgers




Penn State graduate Jeanne Kabulis (Ph.D. ’99) switches careers and finds that the skills she developed from her studies in French studies have prepared her well for a career in law.

A French scholar with a Ph.D. in French literature and civilization, Kabulis draws from her background as a linguist, researcher, and author when addressing legal issues.

“I have an extensive background in two foreign languages, experience with the target cultures, and textual interpretation that I put to good use whenever I interact with a client, construe a statute, or develop an argument,” says Kabulis. “My identity as teacher and researcher remains inseverable from my identity as lawyer and constantly informs my thought processes.”


Published: August 25, 2017