Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

FR 501 A and B: Pro-Seminar in French Studies
Professional and scholarly development in interdisciplinary French Studies.

FR 502: Introduction To French Linguistics
An overview of the major subfields of linguistics as they apply to the French language.

FR 529: Seminar In Renaissance Literature
Intensive study of various French Renaissance writers in relation to selected artistic issues of the period.

FR 530: La France Contemporaine
A comprehensive cross-sectional view of French society and its institutions since World War II.

FR 531: Francophone Culture
Concept of Francophone; French minorities in Europe and North America; role of French language in Africa, Middle East, Far East.

FR 533: Baroque Aesthetics In Seventeenth-Century French Literature And Intellectual History
Based on the Foucaldian notion of episteme, the course analyzes major literary texts and intellectual trends.

FR 535: Texts and Performances
Based upon current theories of theater, the course focuses on problematics of French drama from the Seventeenth-Century to the present.

FR 543: Seminar: Studies In The Enlightenment
Discourse and thematic analysis of selected works of French Enlightenment genres: essay, drama, fiction, poetry.

FR 545: Analysis Of French Civilization
French cultural aspects, other than language and literature, conducted in French with the collaboration of specialists outside the French department.

FR 547: Modernism and Postmodernism
Interdisciplinary approaches to these concepts, with a focus on artistic and literary objects in the French context. Prerequisite: FR 545 OR FR 571 OR FR 580

FR 559: Issues In Francophone Literatures
Diversity issues in Francophone literatures explored through various literary genres: variable focus may combine genre and topic.

FR 562: French Romanticism and Realism
Romanticism, realism, and their variations in the context of social and political revolution.

FR 564: Figures Of Alterity In Nineteenth-Century French Literature
Representations of otherness in nineteenth-century French literature examined through race, gender, religion, and class paradigms.

FR 565: Seminar: Nineteenth-Century Studies
Various nineteenth-century French writers considered in relation to selected esthetic and cultural problems raised during the period.

FR 566: Women Writers In Nineteenth-Century France
Women’s literary production in nineteenth-century France, including novels, poetry, travel narratives, children’s literature, and essays.

FR 569: Major Texts Of Twentieth-Century French Literature
Established contemporary literary texts, figures, and aesthetic movements in various genres from Proust to Sartre and from Genet to Conde.

FR 570: Modern French Poetry
Exploration of the poetic genre and its diversification through poetic prose, free verse, and metaphorical narrative, from Baudelaire to Cixous.

FR 571: Literary Theory And Criticism
Major trends in contemporary theory and criticism from genre debates to socio-political approaches to literature, post-structuralism, deconstruction, and reception theories.

FR 572: Seminar: Twentieth-Century French Literature
Specialized consideration of contemporary writers; for advanced students.

FR 574: French Folklore and Popular Culture
Historical survey of French folklore and popular culture, with an emphasis on the modern period.

FR 580: Approaches To French Civilization
French interdisciplinary methods of cultural analysis and cultural history, with applications to French cultural artifacts.

FR 581: Theory And Techniques Of Teaching French

FR 589: Technology In Foreign Language Education: An Overview
Approaches to the uses and research applications of multimedia and other educational technologies applied to the teaching of foreign languages. (Also cross listed with APLNG 589)