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Graduate Courses

FR 500 HISTORY OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE ( 3) Evolution of French from its origins to the present-day, with emphasis on Old French philology. 

FR 502 INTRODUCTION TO FRENCH LINGUISTICS ( 3) An overview of the major subfields of linguistics as they apply to the French language. 

FR 503 FRENCH PHONOLOGY ( 3) Effective Date: SP2007 A theoretical approach to the sound structure of French. 

FR 504 FRENCH SYNTAX ( 3) An in-depth study of sentence structure in the French language. 

FR 505 SEMANTICS OF FRENCH ( 3) Effective Date: SP2007 An in-depth study of how meaning is computed based on French data. 

FR 508 FRENCH BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS ( 3 per semester, maximum of 6) Written and oral elements of French commerce and industry. Prerequisite: FR 510 

FR 510 STYLISTIQUE AVANCEE ( 3) An introduction to literary creativity through practice of textual analysis, interpretation, and to basic concepts of contemporary poetics. 

FR 511 READINGS IN OLD FRENCH ( 3 per semester, maximum of 6) A survey of French literature to 1300, focusing in alternate semesters on either the twelfth or the thirteenth century. 

FR 518 MEDIEVAL FRENCH DRAMA ( 3) The development of French drama from its liturgical origins to the flourishing comic theatre of the late Middle Ages. 

FR 526 AGE OF RABELAIS ( 3) Notions of literary creativity in the context of early sixteenth-century French Humanism; readings from Rabelais, Marguerite de Navarre, Sceve. 

FR 528 AGE OF MONTAIGNE ( 3) Literary culture of Renaissance France in the context of social and political crisis; readings from Montaigne, DuBellay, Ronsard, and Sponde. 

FR 529 SEMINAR IN RENAISSANCE LITERATURE ( 3 per semester, maximum of 6) Intensive study of various French Renaissance writers in relation to selected artistic issues of the period. 

FR 530 LA FRANCE CONTEMPORAINE ( 3) A comprehensive cross-sectional view of French society and its institutions since World War II. 

FR 531 FRANCOPHONE CULTURE ( 3 per semester, maximum of 6) Concept of Francophone; French minorities in Europe and North America; role of French language in Africa, Middle East, Far East. 

FR 532 FRENCH REGIONS AND REGIONALISMS ( 3) Interdisciplinary perspectives on the culture, history, and geography of the French regions and their regionalist identity movements. 

FR 533 BAROQUE AESTHETICS IN SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY FRENCH LITERATURE AND INT ELLECTUAL HISTORY ( 3) Based on the Foucaldian notion of episteme, the course analyzes major literary texts and intellectual trends. 

FR 534 SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY FRENCH DRAMA ( 3) Theories and practice of theater through analysis of dramatic texts by Rotrou, Corneille, Moliere, Racine et les autres. 

FR 535 TEXTS AND PERFORMANCES ( 3) Based upon current theories of theater, the course focuses on problematics of French drama from the Seventeenth-Century to the present. 

FR 540 EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY FRENCH NOVEL ( 3) Examination of the rise of the genre including formal considerations of narrative technique as well as historical context. 

FR 541 THE ENCYCLOPEDIE AND KNOWLEDGE IN 18TH-CENTURY FRANCE ( 3) Exploration of intellectual currents in epistemology, metaphysics, social and political thought, ethics, and aesthetics in eighteenth-century France. 

FR 543 SEMINAR: STUDIES IN THE ENLIGHTENMENT ( 3 per semester, maximum of 6) Discourse and thematic analysis of selected works of French Enlightenment genres: essay, drama, fiction, poetry. 

FR 545 ANALYSIS OF FRENCH CIVILIZATION ( 3 per semester, maximum of 6) French cultural aspects, other than language and literature, conducted in French with the collaboration of specialists outside the French department. 

FR 547 MODERNISM AND POSTMODERNISM ( 3 - 6) Interdisciplinary approaches to these concepts, with a focus on artistic and literary objects in the French context. Prerequisite: FR 545 OR 
FR 571 OR FR 580

FR 558 AFRICAN NOVEL IN FRENCH ( 3) Development of novel in French from colonial era to independence; Africanization of genre with African verbal artforms. 

FR 559 ISSUES IN FRANCOPHONE LITERATURES ( 3) Diversity issues in Francophone literatures explored through various literary genres: variable focus may combine genre and topic. 

FR 562 FRENCH ROMANTICISM AND REALISM ( 3) Romanticism, realism, and their variations in the context of social and political revolution. 

FR 564 FIGURES OF ALTERITY IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY FRENCH LITERATURE ( 3) Representations of otherness in nineteenth-century French literature examined through race, gender, religion, and class paradigms. 

FR 565 SEMINAR: NINETEENTH-CENTURY STUDIES ( 1 - 6 per semester) Various nineteenth-century French writers considered in relation to selected esthetic and cultural problems raised during the period. 

FR 566 WOMEN WRITERS IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY FRANCE ( 3) Women's literary production in nineteenth-century France, including novels, poetry, travel narratives, children's literature, and essays. 

FR 569 MAJOR TEXTS OF TWENTIETH-CENTURY FRENCH LITERATURE ( 3 - 6) Established contemporary literary texts, figures, and aesthetic movements in various genres from Proust to Sartre and from Genet to Conde. 

FR 570  MODERN FRENCH POETRY ( 3 per semester, maximum of 6) Exploration of the poetic genre and its diversification through poetic prose, free verse, and metaphorical narrative, from Baudelaire to Cixous. 

FR 571 LITERARY THEORY AND CRITICISM ( 3) Major trends in contemporary theory and criticism from genre debates to socio-political approaches to literature, post-structuralism, deconstruction, and reception theories. 

FR 572 SEMINAR: TWENTIETH-CENTURY FRENCH LITERATURE ( 3 per semester, maximum of 6) Specialized consideration of contemporary writers; for advanced students. 

FR 574 FRENCH FOLKLORE AND POPULAR CULTURE ( 3) Historical survey of French folklore and popular culture, with an emphasis on the modern period. 

FR 580 APPROACHES TO FRENCH CIVILIZATION ( 3) French interdisciplinary methods of cultural analysis and cultural history, with applications to French cultural artifacts. 


FR 583 READING AND FOREIGN LANGUAGE ACQUISITION: RESEARCH AND PRACTICE ( 3) Approaches to the study and teaching of reading in University departments of French; materials development practicum. 

FR 584 TESTING FRENCH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE: RESEARCH AND PRACTICE ( 3) Theoretical and practical approaches to problems in the testing of undergraduate French as a foreign language. 

FR 585 THE CURRICULUM IN THE PEDAGOGY AND ACQUISITION OF FRENCH AS A FOREIGN LAN GUAGE ( 3) Approaches to the study and development of the undergraduate curriculum of French as a foreign language. 

FR 586 RESEARCH METHODS AND BIBLIOGRAPHY IN FRENCH CIVILIZATION ( 1) Introduction to research resources and skills in interdisciplinary French cultural studies and specific subfields of French and Francophone culture/ civilization. 


FR 589 (CMLIT;GER;SPAN) TECHNOLOGY IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE EDUCATION: AN OVERVIEW ( 3) Approaches to the uses and research applications of multimedia and other educational technologies applied to the teaching of foreign languages. (also crosslisted with APLNG 589)