Allan Stoekl

Allan Stoekl

Professor, French and Comparative Literature
Allan Stoekl


Twenty and Twenty-First French Literature and Philosophy; Theory of Sustainability and Energy Use; Cinema Studies


Ph.D. SUNY-Buffalo, Comparative Literature, 1980

Professional Bio

Professor Stoekl's  recent work has focused on issues of energy use, sustainability and economy in a literary-cultural and philosophical context (both French and international). Hi book Bataille's Peak follows up on earlier work on Georges Bataille, but from a framework of current questions of energy use and depletion (which Bataille formulated, he argues, already in the 1940s). He is presently engaged in a larger project considering theories of the city from the past (the surrealists, situationists and Le Corbusier) in light of current theories--aesthetic, political, energetic--of sustainable urbanism. He has lectured extensively here in the US and abroad, and has recently served as Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins and Westminster University (London).


FR 569: Roles of the Editor in Contemporary French Literature

FR 570: Theory and Practice of French Poetry: Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Ponge

FR 572: Models of Education and the Educator in Twentieth Century France

FR 597: Models of the Auteur in post-1945 French Cinema

InlST 489: Oil Use and Depletion from an International Perspective


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