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French Minor FAQ

How do I officially apply for the minor?

Once you are in 5th semester standing, you may apply for the minor through eLion using the “Minor declaration” link. You do not have to meet with the minor adviser in order to declare the minor. Officially applying for the minor does not guarantee that you will receive it, though, so be sure to meet with the minor adviser to verify that you are taking the correct courses.

Some of these courses I am taking are for my major. Can they double-count for the minor?


When will my minor be approved?

Final approval and required degree audit adjustments will be made the semester of your graduation.

If I came to Penn State with AP credits, will they apply toward my minor?

If you have AP credits at the 200-level or higher, they will count toward courses for the minor.

Can native speakers of French receive the French minor?

Yes. However, since native speakers of French or students who have had a significant amount of schooling in a French immersion situation are not allowed to enroll in skills courses in French (FR 1, 2, 3, 201, 202, 401, 402Y), you will need to speak with a French Advisor to work out a course plan for the minor.

Can I complete the minor without going abroad?

Yes-but your language and cultural skills will be greatly enhanced by a summer, semester, or year-long immersion experience in a French-speaking country.

Can I complete the minor by going abroad?

Students are limited in the number of credits used from abroad for the minor. You will need to see a French Advisor to discuss where you are going abroad and what courses you can take there that will be equivalent to the required minor courses.

When I have decided where I am going abroad do I need to fill out any paperwork with the French Department?

Yes, you and a French Advisor will need to fill out a pre-departure agreement.

What is a pre-departure agreement?

This is a form that you will fill out with a French Advisor prior to going abroad. It lists the courses you will be taking through your study abroad program and their equivalencies here at Penn State.