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Placement Policy

Placement Policy for World Language Courses

Student who have studied a world language within four years immediately before admission to Penn State may enroll in that language for credit based on the number of Carnegie units prior to admission. (A Carnegie "unit" refers to one course level of a world language - French 1, French 2, French 3, etc. - equivalent to one year of study and accredited as such by the school.) If a period of four or more years has elapsed between a student's graduation from high school and admission to college, he/she may be eligible to enroll in level 1 of the language studied in high school.

Units of Study Prior to Admission to Penn StateRegister in Penn State Language Level
Fewer than two Course Level 001 (4 cr.)
Two or three Course Level 002 (4 cr.)
Four or more Course Level 003 (4 cr.)

Students may choose to audit a lower-level course but may not receive credit for it. Students who feel they are qualified for a more advanced course, or students seeking proficiency certification or credit by examination, if available, should contact the appropriate language department for detail. Click here for more information.