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Non-Credit Proficiency Exam


Non-Credit Proficiency Certification Exam

Students who wish to demonstrate proficiency up to the 18th credit may do so by taking a Non-Credit Proficiency Certification Exam. Students will be tested on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and must receive a grade of C to demonstrate proficiency. The fee for this exam is $60, and must be paid prior to taking the exam.

Please note that both exams are quite difficult to pass if the student has not covered the material tested in a course or does not have the adequate level of proficiency. Students who are wishing to satisfy the B.A. language requirement are only encouraged to take this test if they have a demonstrated proficiency in French.

Students wishing to take either exam are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the material covered in the Basic Language Program by looking at the following chapters of the textbooks Portails.

FR 01 : Cosmopolite A1, chapters 0-5
FR 02 : Cosmopolite A1 chapters 6-8; Cosmopolite A2 chapters 1-2
FR 03 : Cosmopolite A2 chapters 3-7

Please note that the exam is not given the last two weeks of the semester. Students who take the test the semester they hope to graduate should keep in mind that it takes up to four weeks to process the results and send it to the appropriate College.

If you would like to schedule one of these exams, please contact Dr. Heather McCoy (hjm10@psu.edu).