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Molly O'Brien

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Molly O'Brien

Molly O’Brien has achieved remarkable success as a double major, completing Bachelor of Science degrees in French and Francophone Studies and in Electrical Engineering. In summer 2013, she studied abroad in Besançon. She volunteered extensively during her years at Penn State. Among other things, Molly has tutored calculus and engineering, served as a mentor for the Penn State Women in Engineering Program, and was member of Penn State’s H.E.A.L THON Special Interest Organization. She has received numerous awards. For example, she received the Evan Pugh Scholar Award her junior and senior years, a Lockheed Merit Scholarship, and the Penn State WEP Outstanding Facilitator Award. After receiving her undergraduate degrees, she will enter the Ph.D. program at Johns Hopkins, where she will do research on such issues as how to make robotic surgery safer, how to improve tumor detection, and how to make it easier for surgeons to perform difficult procedures.