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Jennifer Boittin

Jennifer Boittin

Associate Professor of French, Francophone Studies and History

Fields: French colonial history (including sub-Saharan Africa, French Indochina, French Caribbean and North Africa); black and African diaspora; gender and women's studies; urban history; cultural studies and intellectual history; European history

On sabbatical 2020-2021


  1. Ph.D., Yale University


Jennifer Boittin received her Ph.D. in History from Yale University.  Her research and teaching focus upon French colonial history and European history.  Among many other themes she considers how colonial spaces such as French West Africa, French Indochina, North Africa and the French Caribbean were shaped by intersections between gender, race and urban culture.  Using archives, newspapers, literature and film, such intersections shaped her first book, Colonial Metropolis:  The Urban Grounds of Anti-Imperialism and Feminism in Interwar Paris (2010, paperback forthcoming spring 2015).  She has also published extensively on the Nardal sisters, anti-imperialism, masculinity, black and African diaspora, Josephine Baker and women travelers in journals such as French Politics, Culture & SocietyGender & HistoryFrench Colonial History and Historical Reflections.  In 2015 some of her recent research will appear in Signs.  Her new book project is about women who used writing to both shape and resist the French Empire in the early twentieth century.