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Vera Mark

Vera Mark

Assistant Professor of French, Francophone Studies and Linguistics

Fields: 20th-21st century French Studies; French Anthropology and History; Cultural Theories and Practices; War and Genocide Studies



  1. Ph.D., University of Texas, 1984


Dr. Mark’s fields of specialization include cultural theory, linguistic and cultural anthropology, ethnography and ethnohistory. Drawing from extensive archival research and multiple qualitative methodologies, her research examines rural popular memories of occupied France. Dr. Mark has received research grants from the Institute for the Arts and Humanities and the Mission du Patrimoine, and teaching grants from the Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. She serves on the editorial board of Food and Foodways, and is Departmental Advisor for the civilization track for the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State.

Current and recent courses

FR497H War and Violence in French and Francophone Contexts

FR497H Witnessing in French and Francophone Genocides

FR497H Collaboration and Complicity in France’s World War Two

FR331 French Culture and Civilization I (Middle Ages-French Revolution)

FR332 French Culture and Civilization II (French Revolution-Third Republic)